Your Ultimate Guide and 11-Point Checklist to Building a Massive Email List

More than 90% of your prospects won’t buy anything from you on their first visit to your website. That’s a fact. They’re either just checking you out or not sure that your solution is what they need. Every business owner knows that it takes time to build trust, instill confidence and build a relationship.If you don’t build trust with your prospect, it doesn’t matter how great your offer or content is, they are just not going to give you their information.So, now that we know for a fact that the majority of your visitors won’t purchase anything on their first visit, why force it? You’re just going to make them turn away quicker.Instead, you should try to capture their email address and build a relationship with them.Today’s businesses are diverting their lead generation budgets towards areas like content marketing and marketing automation. So it is safe to say that there is more competition over capturing email addresses today than ever before.What’s the secret to building a massive email list?You must offer what is known as a “Lead Magnet.”Lead magnets come in different shapes and sizes. From free special reports to free video training. They are designed to attract and capture contact details of a prospect.In this document I share a worksheet and an 11-point checklist that will help you create an effective lead magnet so you can boost you lead acquisition rates.WORKSHEET:WHAT IS YOUR LEAD MAGNET TITLE?WHAT IS YOUR PROMISE?WHAT TYPE OF CONTENT DO YOU HAVE OR PLAN TO CREATE?Note: There is nothing wrong with having more than one Lead Magnet. Keep in mind that each Lead Magnet should have its own Lead Capture Page.

So, you are done researching about your target audience, and you have a couple of topics in mind. Now, you must decide how to best answer your market’s one big problem. There are several types of lead magnet that you can choose from and they are listed below:
















Ultra Specific

Lead magnets should offer a specific solution to a specific problem for a specific market.

One Big Promise

It is always better to make one big promise and deliver opposed to many little ones that diffuse the message.

Leads Prospects to Make a Purchasing Decisions

You should enable your prospects to visualize themselves experiencing the benefit of your solution. The lead magnet in many cases explains “what to do” but doesn’t go into very much detail on “how to do it.”

Create “Light bulb” Moments

Stimulate an emotional response in your prospects and you’ll be on the right path to building a relationship with them. Your marketing needs to tie into painful problems they are experiencing and a positive outcome that they want. They must see your lead magnet as helping them get closer to their goal.

Open and Close Loops.

Every lead magnet must identify the problem that is being faced, agitate the user as it relates to that problem, provide a solution to the problem, and must end with a new problem that is left unresolved.

Instant Satisfaction

The Lead Magnet should solve the problem that the user opted in for as clearly and as articulately as possible. Your market wants a solution and they need it NOW!

Shifts Market Mindset

The best lead magnets don’t just inform. They create trust and rapport with your prospect so that they naturally want to engage in future business with your company.

High Perceived Value

Just because it is FREE, doesn’t mean that it should look FREE. Use professional images/graphics to establish real monetary value for your lead magnet in the eyes of your prospect.

High Actual Value

In order for you to retain your prospects attention, you MUST promise and follow through with high value content that can be used.


Stand out. Be disruptive (in a good way) in your market and you’ll get more attention. Be willing to take the prospect behind the curtain so to speak and show them what other companies fail to do or are afraid to do.

Easy to Share

Make your offer enticing enough that your prospects will want to share its benefits with others.

Rapid Consumption

Your lead magnet should take not more than 15 minutes to consume or experience. Avoid long, text-heavy articles that take days to read.

Conclusion:Simply asking prospects to enter their email address so they can get your newsletter won’t cut it anymore. Unless, they trust that you’re going to deliver overwhelmingly amazing content in that newsletter.People will only join your email list if you give them a good reason to. A lead magnet is something of great perceived and actual value that you’re going to give them for free! This will encourage more people to get on your email list so you have the chance to build relationships with them which will eventually lead to a transaction.Use the worksheet and checklist above when you create your next lead magnet and I guarantee more lead sign-ups. So far, you have learned how to create a Lead Magnet. However, there is so much more that is needed to have a high impact marketing campaign. For example, it is imperative that you have a self-liquidating offer that is available to new website subscribers that will help you monetize the traffic and pay for your advertising. Companies that can afford to pay more to acquire new clients will win in this economy. In addition to this challenge, the next step is to fully engage with new prospects, so that you can move them closer to making a decision on your core offer.I wish you all the best in your journey to grow your sales, save time, and get organized.